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About us

Ming and the CARE Family!



Shortly after being born (about 2 hours or so) I knew I loves animals. I adopted his first dog who taught him so much about myself and how to be a better person and help me understand dogs. She was believed to be non-intelligent dog, however, she could learn any trick I could think of in less than 5 minutes. She passed in 2009. After she passed I vowed to myself that I would do what I could to help and give a voice to animals. Since then I have been working, supporting, and helping animals and organizations to better the lives of animals.

My experience includes over 25 years of animal care along with dog training, rehabilitating domesticated/feral/wild dogs, dogs with behavioral problems, vet experience and experience with various other animals including cats, ferrets, hedgehogs, turtles, rabbits, chinchillas, and birds.

I currently work and volunteer for Capital Animal Rescue and Environmental Foundation, Taiwan SPCA as well as other organizations. I also have experience at a vet clinic assisting with hundreds of surgeries and medical treatment for dogs and cats. In just one typical day at the clinic, I would assist with surgeries and treatments on average for 40 dogs and cats. I gained a wealth of experience through volunteering with the vet which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The CARE Family:  

We ALL love dogs!!!! If my family and friends didn't, they wouldn't live with me! Everyone loves to help out and cuddle the pups. We work as a team and have a well organized system in watching the pups. We strive to provide the greatest cuddling service possible. There are many of us that live in the house and work together to provide our furry guest the best vacation stay possible. We love when the pups are happy and that makes us even happier. We live in bliss with all the pups! Come meet the family!

We offer a spacious open home for all furry guest. The home is the perfect home for your pet. There is almost always someone around to hang out, play and relax with your pet. Training available upon request (additional). All cute pups (they are all cute pups to me no matter what their age, breed or looks are!) will get lots of love, exercise, and playtime. All pups will also be spoiled if allowed and if you don't allow it, It'll just be between me and your pup :-) . I will only crate your pet upon request. I prefer the animals to have the run of the house and to be completely relaxed as if they were at home.

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Ming and the team are great! They are very organized and have a good system in place to keep the dogs happy. They are also very accommodating to your needs. I have a young super active Akita that wants to play with any dog and worried about where to take her because she's such high energy to handle. She had so much fun that she didn't want to leave! So glad I chose you guys first. She really needed this!

Kelly C.

Ming and the CARE family were great. I brought my two dogs here for the first time and they loved it! I got 10+ pictures during their daycare stay and when I picked them up to go home, they were exhausted for the rest of the night!


I am actually excited to bring them back! Ming also sent us home with two doggie goody bags that they have been playing with all morning. Highly recommend.

Kasey M.



I actually would love to say the best sitters in the states.


They genuinely care about fur babies, no matter what age or size.


 They are the only sitters that I trust ❤️ Can’t thank them enough!


I love these guys!!

Seohee G.

Ming was wonderful in prepping us for the stay and instantly easing my mind after I dropped them off with multiple pictures of each dog!


The girls had a blast and made so many new friends and looked so happy in all the pictures!

We will definitely use Ming’s service again! Thanks for making a stressful time of being away more tolerable by not having to worry about my fur kids!

Mieke C.

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